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Monday, July 05, 2004


Went to Atmosphere last Saturday nite. Gawd, it was so rocking over there. DJ Joey G spins extremely well. Well, we ordered a few bottles of Black Label Scotch Whiskey, add it up with Coke, and drank the night away. I was sure hell high. LOL. Now, i'm just trying to master the Melbourne Shuffle. Dang, it's not that easy :P :P , but heck, still learning.

I was basically shuffling the whole night...went to the center of the club, up the podium and i shuffled there. It was AWESOME SHIT BABAY.  With the chicks, the music, the lighting and the that's an extremely good atmosphere. :P

Got really high, and was shuffling non stop. I didn't stop moving and I felt extremely dizzy. Pretty lucky I didn't knock out over there. I drank a lot, danced a lot. Well, went out for awhile to get some tea and that made me feel better [hehe, i don't wanna go home drunk. :P that ain't good] :P

oh yea, people that go there, they have nice cars :P there's a Ferrari, RX-7s were everywhere [maybe i'll consider getting one also. It's not very expensive, but maintenance is high] BMW and Benz Sports :P Hehe, owning a club can bring biggg bucks. Hehe, how about this, starting one, with the combo for mamak food. MaMaK TrAnCe NaTiOn. :P

i'm more into Trance music nowadays, no more boybands [heck, i never really liked boybands anyway. All these pretty boys are too....yucky :P they're so "sissyfied". Sorry to boyband lovers, but boybands just suck. ] Rock still reigns, but at the moment, Trance is the best. Don't get confused with Techno, well, the only techno i listen to is euro-techno. Don't expect me to dig into canto-techno. I can't stand those. :P

Oh, I found one really good site [given by a friend, thanks!] where you can check out all types of drinks available on this planet. There's even a drink called "QUICK F*CK". Imagine yelling this to the bartender "Hey dude, can I have a quick f*ck?" Oh, there's even another one that's called Sex On The Beach and Screaming White Orgasm. "Excuse me waiter, can I have sex on the beach and also some screaming white orgasm?" Ehehe!@! LOL

The address is

OH just incase you're also into Trance stuff like me, I recommend this Online Trance Radio, where you can listen to 24/7 of non stop trance music.  , it's dammmmn goooodd!! yummy stuffz here!!

Anyway, college has just begun and I've been given new classes, and new people to mingle with. Ah gonna miss my old gang. :P Anyway life goes on, people move on. I like every class except the last one. Damn, it's so boring, there are no chicks in the class. BAH!!!!! :P  BORINNG!!! :P

Well, that's just about what's happening in my life lately. Gotta concentrate on my work now. Can't afford to screw this term up. I've got 4 Subjects dammit, 4 SUBJECTS! :P argh. 

Until next time,  may the force be with you. :P yea right... star wars huh? :P



Posted by Ronz Funkarelli at 07:10 pm

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